Should you Rush to Vegasrush Casino?

Vegasrush Casino Review
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At first glance Vegasrush had us extremely excited. The website looks enticing and the games library seems jam-packed full of casino game goodness. But when one takes a closer look, red flags pop up all over the place. This is one platform players should review thoroughly before signing in.

Welcome to one of the casinos on the online casino NZ market that doesn’t quite jell with us. 

Right off the bat, we are going to recommend everyone to read this Vegasrush Casino review and rather create an account on a casino site that is recommended in one of our other reviews. Even though this might not be an online casino to play at, we urge you to read the review and find out why. 

Is Vegasrush Casino Reliable?

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As with most things on the internet, it’s hard to say if an online casino is a safe play to play poker at. When we make a casino review, we check the things that would make it reliable and draw conclusions thereafter.

What did we found in Vegasrush casino that doesn’t quite convince us to play there? For starters, that they don’t hold a license. 

This means that this online casino is not obliged to follow any rules or regulations. It essentially means that there is no third party that ensures that they are not playing the players. However, this alone does not mean that Vegasrush casino is unreliable. 

A casino that is licensed and regulated by a recognized body will harshly ensure that the online casino doesn’t have fake slots, rigged RNG’s, or untrustworthy payment methods. Vegasrush casino claims to create their own security for players, which is unorthodox in the business, but not unheard of. This means that they will not have third-party software for this, as is most common, but rather put their own security stamp on the casino site action. 

Regarding their customer support, they do have email, phone, and a live chat option, if any player wants to make their voice heard. The phone number connects to sunny Costa Rica, and the live chat option seems to be experiencing some issues specified in this review. Their FAQ page is divided into three parts: Deposits, Withdrawals, and Games. 

The support this page offers is how and with what payment methods players can make deposits and withdrawals, as the games section is under construction. We expect this part of the FAQ to be up and running quite soon since Vegasrush casino has been online since 2017. 

Vegasrush casino has a “play safe” link that unfortunately takes us to the main page of the casino. We would rather have had this lead to proper information, but that might be just a glitch in the website code. 

The mobile version has a different URL than that of the desktop site. Unfortunately, the mobile poker gaming will have to be done in an ill-fitting design, as the mobile site seems to be fitted to a very particular screen size. 

screenshot vegasrush interface

Are winning payments fast on Vegasrush casino?

Unfortunately, winning payments (or any other payments) are not fast at Vegasrush casino, compared to other casino sites. 

In this Vegasrush Casino review, we found a few methods of payment: Bitcoin, debit/credit card, QB Direct, bank wire, and bank checks. The only Vegasrush Casino withdrawal option for players outside the USA and Canada is Bitcoin. However, if players speak to the banking department at the casino, they might get the option to withdraw using bank checks or bank wire. The deposit methods are Bitcoin, debit/credit card, and QB Direct. 

There are a few things with these payment methods that raises concerns in our casino reviews. The first and least concerning aspect is the fact that the minimum withdrawal limit is $100 for Bitcoin. For wire transfer, the minimum withdrawal amount is $500 and a $40 fee. For bank checks, it’s a mere $150 and a $40 fee. Apart from that, Vegasrush Casino also claims that it will take up to 72 hours for the withdrawals to be processed, and an additional 4-14 days before the money shows up in players’ accounts. In the same breath, the casino claim to provide players with withdrawals that are quick and easy. 

Another concern is the form players need to fill in if they are not paying with Bitcoin or QB Direct. Bitcoin and QB Direct are both using cryptocurrencies, so they are by nature untraceable. The form players need to fill in to make a deposit with a debit/credit card reroutes to a third website, which wants to have all the card information alongside a picture of a player’s ID next to the card. The form also states that this credit card can be charged at the casino’s discretion. 

None of this inspires confidence in their payment methods or security, why we would only play here with money we are not afraid of losing.

Are the Bonus Conditions Attractive on Vegasrush Casino?

Well, that depends on how we see it. 

In this Vegasrush Casino review, we found more bonus offers and promotions than we would find on many other online casinos combined. Keeping in mind that this is an unregulated casino with no third-party security at all, this seems perfectly normal.

Most unregulated casinos offer payers a lot of deals and promotions to get them to play. In this case, we see a Vegasrush free chip or two, that we can only get one of each between deposits. These need Vegasrush casino bonus codes and come with a myriad of restrictions and are virtually impossible to cash out. 

One interesting thing we found in our Vegasrush casino review is that it doesn’t seem to be a maximum bonus amount on most of the bonuses. The intention seems good, but it could seem a bit worrying for a seasoned player. 

The bonus match-ups are also a little odd. Most of them are more than 300%, which is a lot for any casino.

The opening statement of the bonus terms and conditions is that no promotional bonus is cashable. This basically means that it doesn’t matter if players meet the wagering requirements or not, any bonus cash on the account will be removed if players try to withdraw them. For us, it is unclear what the purpose of the bonuses are since there seems to be a myriad of them, but no Vegasrush bonus can be withdrawn at any point. 

The winnings from the bonuses can be withdrawn, however, but only if players meet the wagering requirements. Speaking of wagering requirements, we can’t find any. Vegasrush casino definitely has wagering requirements for their players, but they are nowhere to be found. 

Name of Bonus % Max Amount Wagering Requ. Button
Welcome free chip 100$ free chip Unknown Claim it
1st deposit 250% 1000$ Unknown Claim it
2nd deposit 300% Unknown Claim it
3rd deposit 350% Unknown Claim it
4th deposit 400% Unknown Claim it
VIP 1st deposit bonus 250% Unknown Claim it
VIP 2nd deposit bonus 300% Unknown Claim it
VIP 3rd deposit bonus 350% Unknown Claim it
VIP 4th deposit bonus 400% Unknown Claim it
Dean Martin’s club 50$ free chip Unknown Claim it
Happy hour 400% +
100$ free chip
Unknown Claim it
Amex deposit bonus 500% + 100$ Unknown Claim it
No rules bonus 200% + 100$ Unknown Claim it
Vegas rush hour 100% Unknown Claim it
Vegas City Special 375% Unknown Claim it
Vegas Wonder 350% +
75$ free chip
Unknown Claim it
Vegas weekend 325%
Unknown Claim it
Bitcoin Promo 400% Unknown Claim it
Bitcoin Promo 500% Unknown Claim it
screenshot vegasrush games

Which Games are Available on Vegasrush Casino?

The short answer is that it doesn’t seem to be any games available as this Vegasrush Casino review is being written. In most of our online casino reviews, this would be the largest section, as online casinos have a natural tendency to want to offer their players games to play. 

They list Betsoft, Rival, Saucity, and Dragon Gaming as their software providers. This is an odd club since we can’t find any slots, Poker, or table games. However, that might be a location issue rather than a casino issue. We give them the benefit of the doubt.

Most often, the slots and slot games are the backbones of the casino, making up the vast majority of the games on the site. Then, there would be some table games and live casino games, in which we would commend the live dealers on their hospitality and warm addition to the game experience. 

In the case of Vegasrush games, there are simply none. No Vegasrush slots to talk about, and no Vegasrush casino games at all to cover.

This would explain why their customer support FAQ section about the games is non-existent. This also awards Vegasrush Casino a prize for the smallest gaming section we’ve seen.  

What Do Our Experts Think About Vegasrush Casino?

Our sincere expert opinion is that there are other casinos out there that seems like better options for our NZ players. A gambling account at this casino might not be the best option, but we are all for exploration. With this Vegasrush Casino review, we have given our honest opinion, and unfortunately, this casino is not among our favourites. 

Vegasrush Casino does not have a license, it doesn’t display the wagering requirements for the amazingly high bonuses, and the payment options are slow and dubious. We have no doubt that these issues will be addressed, but until then, we would rather explore other options. 

Vegasrush Casino is the poster child for casinos that should do a better job. As far as gambling goes, they seem to have issues with the gaming supply to their online casino. If there are no games, it’s hard to motivate opening an account.